Updating avid chip info

Pet microchips are designed and sold by various manufacturers and can be implanted by a veterinarian, a clinic or local animal control departments.The size of a grain of rice, pet microchips are not removed to make updates. Once installed, the Avid Studio 1.1 Update cannot be uninstalled separately, but only with a complete uninstall of the full Avid Studio installation. Avid no longer owns the domain name and it has been purchased by another company.

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For more information on pet Micro Chips click here, and for information on the UK 24hr PETtrac Database Reunification Service click here.

In making the service provided by PETtrac the best it can be, we constantly develop and improve and try and make things just that little bit better.

Avid recommends installing the 1.1 Update for all users of the 1.0 version of Avid Studio.

The purpose of this website and campaign is to encourage pet owners to update their pet's Micro Chip details on the 24hr UK PETtrac pet Micro Chip Database.

Sadly it is all too common that pet owners move address or change telephone numbers and forget to notify PETtrac of their new contact details.

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