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The app allows you to create a profile for yourself, select your favorite films and shows, and will then match you with potential partners based off your mutual tastes, similar to the music-based dating site Tastebuds. My long time friend(like 15 years long) @korimwilliams started the @netflixandchillcondom company and its blowning up!

Pilot's creator, Wilking Dorrielan, has hopes of one day partnering with streaming services like netflix to bring "a social element to streaming services."The most interesting feature that Pilot offers? You can use the app to pick a theater and movie near you for your first date once you match with someone. Netflix and Chill is the newest dating trend sweeping the nation--aka, college students everywhere are using it as an excuse to get someone over to their place and perform coitus. Yet the success rates of the so-called Netflix and Chill sessions are debatable, probably because it's become so mainstream that people get that it's basically a way of asking, "Hey, wanna come over and hook up/bone/etc.? Aside from being on FB, it was just on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers @Late Night Seth.

UPDATE – There are some great Pilot Wife FB groups where you can go and talk to women who are in the same situation that you are in.

"Aircrafts are subjected to extremely intense conditions during testing—more so than the most seasoned pilots will ever experience." In the rare circumstance that a passenger does get injured during turbulence, it's usually because the person has ignored the "fasten seatbelt" sign and bumped his head or twisted his ankle while walking around. "The airplane is heavy, full of fuel and flying at a relatively low speed, and the engines are at or near full power," says George,* who has been a major commercial airline pilot for 22 years.

) Next time you are on Facebook and start dreaming about someone else’s situation, remember no one’s life is 100% perfect.

The person who’s life you envy may well be envying yours.

Truth is, just like everyone else’s life, it really can suck. Now, long time pilots at major airlines make good money, but pilots just starting out make very little. Now, that’s bad enough, but flight school is really expensive. It’s not like I can get him to help me while he’s off in Timbuktu. They even have an acronym for it – “AIDS” (Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome). It is rarely glamorous, and almost always logistically difficult.

So that k a year looks even worse when you have k in student loans. Trips can be one day or multiple days and they can be back to back. He says “Hey, I really want this day and this day off, and I don’t want to work Sundays.” Then the company makes the schedules and sends them out to the pilots. No week is ever the same as the week before because we work around dad’s schedule. There’s enough time away they can live a whole separate life, ala “The Pilot’s Wife” and I’ve been told affairs abound. That pic of the kids is at the end of a 20 hour travel day.

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