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CREATE TABLE huge ( id INT PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2(100), day INT, errno INT, error_message VARCHAR2(100) ); CREATE TABLE smallish ( id INT PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR2(100), day int ); -- Note the lack of a foreign key between huge and smallish on name -- This is intentional I'm using the following DML's which appear to work, but two of them give full table scans on huge in the output and otherwise don't look intuitive.

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He played one of the show's most interesting characters in the first two seasons of the show before being bumped off in prison, and after a few years of minor appearances on TV and film, he made a comeback as Bob Stookey in You may have had no idea that suave drug baron Stringer Bell was actually played by a Londoner at the time, but we all know it now.

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The author is a smart, talented and the way he composes his writing in this books will make you like him.

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Afgezien van eenmalige gastoptredens in verschillende televisieseries, speelde ze tot 2004 hoofdzakelijk in films.

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