Who is wynonna judd dating 2016

Moser, also a member of Judd’s band, produced and pushed the singer to step out of her comfort zone; in fact, many of the recording sessions for the album took place without a rehearsal. “He would take me in the studio and say, ‘Less of the R&B, honey, and more of the sweet Wynonna when you were 18. There’s nothing better on Valentine’s Day than a great love story and music to go with it.So I was thrilled to chat with the husband-wife team who are rocking both.Their wedding took place on Judd’s farm in Leipers Fork, Tenn., at a lakeside gazebo.She wore a gorgeous Houri Barahimi dress and opted to walk barefoot down the aisle.Though the former mother/daughter music duo did not immediately hash out their issues, Naomi said she felt “calm” by the end of the night.

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Now, it’s great to see artists like Chris and Jason breaking through all the cookie-cutter music.” A complete track listing for the album is below. One minute into our conversation, I knew that five-time Grammy winner Wynonna Judd and talented producer/drummer Cactus Moser were destined to make great music together.OK, I’d seen them perform and also reviewed their album and labor of love, , so I was pretty convinced that their combined talents were winning ones even before we spoke.So we went our separate ways.” When the tour ended a year later, Moser returned to his home in Los Angeles, while Judd went back to Tennessee.They kept in touch, began dating in 2009 — after Judd had been married and divorced twice — and got married during the summer of 2012.

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