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Fresh allegations were levied against the actor on Wednesday with a source telling Us Weekly that the on set friction between the two was so bad, the Canadian actress would retreat to her dressing room in tears.Fans of TV show Castle were shocked to learn Monday that Katic was not being invited back for a possible ninth season of the crime dramedy in which her character, NYPD Captain Kate Beckett is married to mystery writer Richard Castle, played by Fillion.“Everything ends in a tragedy, even an epic love story like yours,” a villainous voice says in the commercial.The network also previously issued an official statement on Katic leaving the hit series: “Kate Beckett has been a beloved character on our hit series Castle for the past eight years.Stana has been my partner all this time, and I thank her for creating the character of Beckett who will live on for all of us as one of the greatest police officers on television,' he tweeted.Farewell message: Fillion, 45, pictured at a Hollywood premiere on April 12, is said to be in talks for a ninth season of Castle.Sure, the show is named after Nathan Fillion’s character, Richard Castle, but without the dynamic and chemistry between him and Katic, would never have lasted eight seasons … This decision would make a lot more sense if Stana Katic and Tamala Jones had been the ones to decide not to return.After eight seasons, one might imagine needing a break from the procedural TV grind!

I mean, it’d seems weirdly determined to try to change its core conceit, season to season.This frustration reached a boiling point when Castle, against Beckett's wishes, re-opened her mother's murder case.She was angry and hurt, and requested that he ends their relationship.Moving on: Katic starred in the crime dramedy as NYPD Captain Kate Beckett, who is married to mystery writer Richard Castle, played by Fillion.She was told last week she won't be returning for a ninth season However, with news of Katic's departure, it's been claimed that the two leads no longer spoke to each other except when delivering lines, and the situation had become so tense that they were ordered to have couples counseling.

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