Who is emma heming dating

She was first discovered at age 16 on the Big Breakfast find me a supermodel competition, with Lorraine Ashton model agency, which she won in 1991.

Chris Evans and Gaby Roslin were the hosts, and the catwalk show final was in Harrods, with Paul Ross as the host.

He has married a lingerie model who looks very much like his first wife Demi Moore - just 16 years younger.

At 30, Emma Heming has the same glowing complexion, dark hair and lithe figure as the previous Mrs Willis, now a surgically-enhanced 46.

I’m giving you the full scoop over on my site today.

Because between some of our favourite A-listers, 10 years of an age gap seems to be norm.

WARNING: This could make you want to follow in their footsteps and either date a younger man or reap the benefits of a relationship with an older man.

But Bruce Willis, 59, looked the picture of normality as he joined his wife and little girl on a shopping trip to their local Target store in New York with the hope of bagging the best pre-Christmas discounts.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Emma shared a picture of daughter Mabel holding sister Evelyn (presumably), as she encouraged mothers to 'start to journal' and capture their children's special moments.

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