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There has to be a reason though as to why the converted SDK is causing this error because it is supposed to be, after all, the same SDK as always.

I'm sure more information or a permanent fix will be worked out soon.

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t=1408288 Please report back with the method worked for you... Thanks for finding this so we can start to work up a fix, whether temporary (until Valve fixes the supposed "screw up" on their end) or a permanent work-around.shortcut on your desktop as an administrator and try to host a server again.Note :- You don't have to start L4D2 from Tunngle, as long as Tunngle is opened first you can start it from anywhere, it will be the same as running it from Tunngle (players will be able to see/join your server as well). This post has been edited by Draiks2inferno: 30 August 2012 - Can you be more specific, because I didn't understand anything from what you said above. Did you disable your antivirus while installing the full game?It occurred to me that the reason why my Steam validation was getting rejected was because the game "thought" I was already in the server. So instead I used the "retry" console command and I rejoined the server without issue.

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