Sophos updating port

For non-Sudo distros use the root account, remove "sudo" from the beginning of the commands, and use full paths.

Sophos seems to be built with root in mind, but I've not noticed any issues using Sudo.1. Type:(You only need to use Sudo when scanning files you don't own.

I found several guides from Sophos on each section but it relies on you to put it all together.

I spent some time with it before I got it to work and decided to put this guide together in hopes of helping others.

See here for further information on random entries - which are typically added by viruses and other malware or unwanted programs.

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Demystifying SSL VPN on Sophos XG If you have tried to use SSL VPN on Sophos XG you might have found it to be a bit intimidating and also irritating as it is a multi-step process.

That's not to say the product is perfect, it isn't!

It's important to keep in mind I've only been using this for a day so perhaps there are still pitfalls to be discovered I'm sure.

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