Short guys dating obstacles

She said that ONCE she dated a guy who was 5 foot 9.She said he was handsome, funny, and had a great personality. That would be okay if she was unusual, but I have found that most women act in exactly the same way.Once I finally came around to the fact that my one true love had been sitting under my nose this whole time, disguised as my best friend, it was a happy coincidence that he happens to be about an inch taller than me in bare feet.I wore near-flats on our wedding day but regularly step out in high heels.

I never felt like a circus freak and instead chose to identify with a pre-divorce Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.In high school, I swore I would never, ever date someone who was shorter than me.I was 5'10"-and-a-half, felt 6'2", and believed only a man of Shaquille O'Neal's stature could make me feel dainty, feminine and non-Amazonian. She just took off her clothes and is beckoning to me to come into her bedroom. Better I just go home and watch “The Real Gilligan’s Island” on my Tivo.” What’s the big deal with you women? If you need to get something from the top of the refrigerator — that’s why they invented a step stool.She wants me to stay over and have sex with her tonight. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “The best things come in small packages? I’m not exactly sure why our culture considers it “better” for the man to be taller than the woman. Who’s going to more easily hide behind that rock — Tattoo from Fantasy Island or basketball star Yao Ming? Even when a male star is short (and many of them are), they need to find a love interest that’s even shorter.

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