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I come out of my bedroom, peeking over at the company saying Hi to them and my parents as my father chuckles at my apperance knowing I have a hangover. I let out a quiet aaaahhhhhhh as I'm breathing in deep and heavy. daddy starts banging me harder while mother is just on the other side of the bathroom door.

I slowly creep into the bathroom shutting the door behind me stripping down to nothing looking at my nipples looking harder than ever in the mirror. I started rubbing on my hardened nipples as I worked my other hand to my pussy just gently rubbing my wet clit all over my hand, sighing of want and need of more than just my hand. I peeked my head out the door and told my father i needed some help in the bathroom, the shower wouldn't come on for me. Daddy will be right there, as he asked everyone if they needed more coffee before he walked away. dadyy asked there baby, is that what my daughter wanted from daddy? Daddys legs banged on the cabinet door a few time hard as his balls were slapping up against my butthole. daddy puts on finger in my mouth letting me clentch down on it with my teeth knowing I want to moan so loud. We are trying get the faucet apart so we can look at it.

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The room was lit by soft candles on the nightstand. Mom smiled and pushed Sandhya aunty back down to the mattress.

” As he was shaping my butt with his hands he noticed no panties. ” “I can’t decide what panties to wear tonight” I said giving the impression that I needed his help deciding. He asked me to put them back on all wet with our loving. As the party continued, I met and greeted his boss, his clients, their wives.

His hands pulled my dress up and started to kiss my butt and thighs.

Then slowly I backed and stands near the door and watch inside seen.

Placing a hand on either side of Sandhya aunty's pussy, Mom spread the lips apart to get a better look at the one female attribute she had been born without.

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