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so sweet you will get diabetes and go into a coma and DIE... I need an actionscript tutor btw who will help with arrays, k :) That would be nice! And for my few guy fans too :) Please help add to dating sim collection, though I would really like it if there's like a cutsy collection for non-hentai/adult dating sims. Please do not out of hate or spite give a one word review, tell me to suck donkey balls, and load it with zeroes.(In case you can't get best ending and got anoyed by it, here is the correct answers.. of course use them only if you can't get best ending yourself. It took like 10 month or something to finish this.. I wanted to finish it at last so I've been working until 2AM every day.. a:hidden').clone().append To('#super-secret-buttons .gmbutton2town').css('float', 'none').css('text-align', 'left').css('color', 'rgb(44, 54, 53)').show(); return DWait.ready Link('jms/pages/gruzecontrol/bluesbar.js', this, 'Blues Bar.hidden Menu(this)')" onmouseover="if (window.

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And yea, this game is a little bit different from my previous ones, just sayin though..

There's no need to guess how much HP is needed per action as everything is labeled, complete with the stat gains you get by performing them.

To really get you into the spirit of the game, a busy city is there for you to explore.

say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.

Popstar Dating sim, no sex, no drugs, no badness, no hentai. I mean, isn't cutsy stuff scarier than zombies and gore. If you really hate my work, please teach me how to improve.

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