Ps3 restarts itself when updating game group dating service

I've tried pulling out the hard drive and trying to get to safe mode and doing the same and trying to get the update to initialize, but I still get the error code.And now, I'm in the process of formatting the hard drive to fat32 on my pc and will throw it back in and repeat the safe mode attempts, etc.Restore PS3 System (Basically all of the above and Formats the HDD Restores everything to Default)6. but this error msg has come up since about a good week ago. I get a "Connect a controller to the USb port and press the PS button" screen but doing so..

I used a free program called fat32format for the fat32 conversion of the HD...

When I start it up, an error message appears which tells you to restore your system.

When it restores it, the PS3 restarts and the same error message comes up again. I've had my PS3 for 3 years and understand if the HDD is knackered. I'm not an expert, but if its corrupted by not turning it off right like mine, then you should ring sony.

There is no warning signs when the modem/router is about to restart itself, I just get booted out of the game and then 10-15 seconds later get a notification that I have lost connection to the Wi Fi network.

While in game it's always smooth with no lag, just as it was with the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360, as well with the few other devices that are connected to Wi Fi.

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