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I'm 17 and she's 18 but we are still both studying our A-Level's.So, what do I do, I would do anything to meet her or to see but I can't.The Sony rep explained that Polyphony’s goal is for players to feel like they are experiencing what real racers see.He noted that the feature was still a work in progress and couldn’t offer more details about how it works. They are allowed limited GTA Time with me online in private sessions. Maybe that every player of GTA must send a photo of themself to Rock Star so the can aprove you are matuure enough to play this game, then again there would be so many downfaults to this idea.. My first teen game was wwf attitude when I turned 13. My first time owning and playing gta 17 for San Andreas and 18 for iv. My fiancé, myself, and couple close friends was checking for Christmas goodies when the trees came. I totally concur with this, a few months ago I was embroiled in a heated discussion in here and it was regarding whether kids should be allowed to play this game; some people concluded that if you were a parent and allowed your kids to play you were being negligent. Anyways, yeah, would be nice if Rock STar and Sony/Microsoft could make some kinda, well I don't know, ehm use the Eyecam and Kinekt for things like this! But yea some kids are completely and utterly disgusting and obviously are a product of their environment.So, anyway, one day she asked me for help on something which i gave and she said she loved me, so, i said it back.But, realised she might have said that becuase of the help i gave so i said, "do you really mean that" and she said "yes".

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However, it’s back in the spotlight once again after a Kotaku editor tried a The other stand-out feature I was told about was head-tracking.Then we got talking and she added me and on msn too, and we found that we had so much in common, same music taste, same personality, same humour, like we were meant to be a couple. we started sending each other photos and I first thought "OMG!!!she's gorgeous", (not this super model with make-up, she does wear it but she looks better without it, naturally beautiful) I said this and she was flattered, we talked about everything and we still do ( yeah I know talking to girls through msn is lame or whatever). See nothing come out and there he sat in his car waiting. It really makes life a pleasure having invested the time into these boys. Trying hard to raise polite, respectful, yet sturdy young men. They deg won't take sh*t but at the same token first ones to lend a hand. Wished more parents would just take some time and pride into raising their children. I don't have any business in those places right now. People I raced with would ask about their name as its same as mine with boys at the end. Then the compliments of how respectful they raced and polite they were would roll in. Not to boast, but I've been raising them for nearly 9yrs in my own.

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