Outlook 2016 connected to exchange but not updating Free sex hookups no upgrades needed

So i am having some issues with some of my users complaining that they cannot receive any emails. We run a Dovecot Postfix IMAP email server Thanks for any infoare they by chance using outlook 2013.

Outlook shows connected, users can also send emails, but for some reason, they cannot receive them.

This guide contains a lot of preparation and other information to get yourself ready to ensure a smooth transition Aside from the preparation steps, this guide informs you about what to expect when you start Outlook 2016 for the first time after you upgraded and how to troubleshoot several issues you may encounter during or after the installation.

Note: In order to use some of the functionality in Outlook 2016, you’ll need to configure your Exchange account with Cached Exchange Mode enabled (CEM). For an overview of features requiring CEM see: Outlook 2010: New features and Cached Exchange Mode Microsoft still recommends installing the 32-bit edition of Office 2016 instead of the 64-bit edition unless you have a specific need that requires the 64-bit edition of Office 2016.

-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - the problem by updating to outlook 2003, but the only thing is the outbox is not updating until something is clicked on, but i can live with that, because messages are still being sent. It was still doing it when i chose upgrade, when i ran the 2003 setup. microsoft.public.windows.Initially I would turn off 'cached mode' for affected uses to see if this alleviates problem.

I had then tried to remove and add the profile, no changes. Anything in server event logs, is exchange fully patched ?

If autodiscover records aren't published, your administrator will need to publish them so Outlook can find the account. If you want to use Outlook 2016 with an Exchange account, you'll need to let Outlook set the account up automatically.

I advised the user to use OWA while i try and figure out what is going on... Check DNS and all is correct, can ping and all resolves correct. Also if i reboot my exchange server it starts working again for a short time. Normally i would have wiped the machine and started again but my issue is the machine is 500km away and to ship it to my office and back the turnaround would be too long for the user as it has some business software that requires daily use.There are only two options: 1) or Exchange Active Sync compatible service or 2) POP or IMAP.The Microsoft Exchange Server service option is missing.Why is it missing and how do I add my Exchange account to my profile?Exchange accounts can only be added to Outlook 2016 using auto account setup (even with the new dialog, above).

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