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The article explores similarities and differences between narcissism and Aspergers, a syndrome which now is being labeled as an autistic spectrum disorder.

The website Autism-World describes this phenomenon nicely: "One of the key traits in people with autism is that they lack what is known in psychology as a ‘theory of mind’, which is also known as ‘mindblindness’. This means that people with autism will often only be able to see things from their own point of view, they cannot imagine how something may affect someone else; which may be why you see them as self-centered." Sounds a lot like narcissism!

People who are narcissistic experience difficulties when differences arise between themselves and others because of this deficit in "theory of mind." It is hard for them to believe that there is another side to the issue that troubles them because they believe that their view is the only view, that they are always "right," and that listening to the other's feelings either makes them at fault or may block their ability to get what they want.

Interested to know your take on it, if you don't mind sharing? I've just been awarded the high rate for other part ( excuse me its late, i've spent most of this week in hospital with my daughter and Autism, DLA and everything is new to me). I don't really understand how when they are acknowledging that my son has high needs with everything else how they think he is ok out and about.

Interested to know your take on it, if you don't mind sharing?

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