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It was in the early 1990s, and he was skating around Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. Upp adds that, because the sex industry is so private, there’s no way to know who is involved with the sex trade or how they are buying and selling sex.A van started following him, and the driver asked if he needed a ride. “So I went and skated to the next corner, and there he is again,” says Upp. “There is no way, really, to know the numbers,” agrees Reverend Pam Vessels.

A Blood Test Only one state requires couples intending to get married to get a blood test as one of their marriage license requirements: Montana (PDF). The rationale is that premarital blood tests help check a partner for diseases.

“[They] explained to me that once it got dark, I was going to ride this horse across the Rio Grande back into the States with my bag of weed. By 1968, Gordon was broke, unemployed, aimless and homeless in Los Angeles.

Driving one night, he saw a sign for a motel called the Landmark, and took a room.

For most people, this would be an outlandish, once-in-a-lifetime tale.

For Gordon, it was just another day in his charmed life of random celebrity encounters, as revealed in his new memoir “They Call Me Supermensch.” Gordon, who was born in Queens in 1945 and raised in Oceanside, L.

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