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Double/Double Guest Room We’ve got it all, plenty of room to sleep plus room to work, play and relax in our double/double guest room.It’s sleek, sophisticated and inspired by our spectacular Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida setting.Prices shown refer to the base house and do not include any optional features, upgrades, lot premiums, upgrade exterior elevations, or association fees.

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Scenario assumes the buyer has good credit, sets up a tax & insurance escrow account for the monthly payment of property taxes and homeowners insurance, provides full documentation, and pays estimated closing costs of 3% of the sales price. This scenario is subject to underwriting guidelines and is available only for owner-occupied homes; nonowner-occupied homes are subject to additional restrictions and qualifying requirements.Suburban malls were still few and far between, and "downtown" was the main shopping district.Most large stores had lunch counters where a cup of coffee cost a dime, and you could get a cheeseburger, fries, and Coke for 60 cents.Lunch-counters provided quick cheap meals for shoppers, students, and workers on break the same way that shopping-mall food-courts do today.Nationally, there were more than 30,000 lunch counters in drug and department stores, bus terminals, and public buildings.

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