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I remember a discussion about this before..the word of some people who (claim to) know Booker is not that he's gay (which was my first thought), but that he dates a white woman, which would not go down well with his constituency.

(Or he could be gay.)I've seen him in person a couple of times, and I do not get a gay vibe from him at all.

Gayle King (age 61 years) is a co-anchor of the CBS’s This Morning and has also been the editor at large for The Oprah Magazine. The couple was together in a good relationship until 1993 and they split up after problems arose between them.

The couple started dating and they got married on 1982.

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Like, "Oh, my God, I don't want people to think I'm gay - I'm trying to get a date!

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Another insider revealed, "Gayle was floored that Bill was able to land Jennifer, especially since she's said publicly that he's a cheater." A source added: "While Bill has been able to move on, Gayle continues to flounder on the romantic front.

" King has dated TV producer Michael Dean, whom she met through Winfrey in 2007. In 2002, King made an appearance on Winfrey's talk show to discuss dating after 35.

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