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The new script by Robert Gordon and Barry Fanaro contains a number of effective puns which elevates the humor from other formula sequels.34340)Continuity: The first time J and K are in the morgue with the coroner, J and the doctor leave to examine the next body and K starts to examine the first body.The formula is copied, but the same cannot be said about the rest of the film. Although most innovations are of special effects, MIIB provides some new fun moments in a somewhat formula approach. But few of these "been there, done that" sequels are fun in a different way.Like said, MIIB returns Smith and Jones as the dynamic duo out to stop an alien, a creature called the Kylothian, who takes the form of a lingerie model (Lara Flynn Boyle), who, guess what? This one is, and it's actually surprisingly entertaining.The pug dog scene is funny, and the dog is not over used as in the sequel, and there is also a funny scene where Will Smith must deliver an alien baby...their main objective in this one is to track down an alien insect that has hijacked the skin of a guy and is trying to find a universe.If he succeeds the Earth is destroyed, of course Tommy Lee's character is so calm about the whole situation that you feel you have nothing to worry about.

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Vancouver Sun & The Province; October 04, 2005 Obituaries and Guest Books for 10/4/2005 Page 1 of 1 Show Abramenko, Winifred Emily (Browning) ABRAMENKO _ Winifred Emily (nee Browning) passed away peacefully at Bethany Care Centre, Calgary Alberta on Sunday, September 25, 2005, five days short of her 99th birthday.Crendel's mother liir (ftwrtjiiiti 19 Grade 9 Cameron Alguire Bradley Bolton Dick Chow Sean Davies 20 Graham Atkinson *a* m « Nolan Davies Edward Durrant-Taylor fill' (/r, , Eric Estey Christopher Fisher Kevin Fowler Andrew Cordon Crawford Gordon Matthew Hamlin- Douglas Andrew Harris Ian Humphreys Nathaniel Johnson John Josephson John Karantoms Albert Kong The tgvoryum 21 Ml Kevin Lau Jayson Lin Michael Mc Culloch 1 Bradley Mc Kinnon David Mc Nabb ««,, eorqttm Alexander Rounthwaite Cody Sauer Colm Schlosser Taylor Sharpe Adam Shier Christopher Todd James Spears Jonathan Tarn David Zang Alexander Turner Jeffrey Thompson Daniel Whistler Dale Wiseman Marco Yeung David Zelikovitz (absent) ' Vcrcmn 23 Grade 1 Michael Alguire James Appel Sam Bennett Tyrone Berryman Matthew Burashko Hr» i ff) Robert Cimicata Dekkers (Kyle) Davidson Aurele De Bosset Ross Fraser Robin Gainer Robert Gleadow Russell Gozlan Christian Heisley Justin Ho Terence Ho 24 The ( /r ccrainn '■! I wil definitelymiss the school, but it is time to leave. I couldn't have made it through high-school without all the help. My own kids looking for funny pictures of dad with his goofy 90's haircut? Thanks everyone for making my last 5 years so much fun, especial- ly CB, AC, KL, JL, CM, JY, AR JO, PD, MR JS, BC, XX.Darren Hu o James Kapches Ehren Liuson Peter Mc Grath, (absent) David Hurlow ^ David Kerr-Vayne Cv9 Tom Lockett Tom Hutchison Jay Jolhffe Jordan Klein Peter Kott SO Mike Love Jonathan Lucas ©G Alex Mc Nabb Aaron Mitchell //it- (/ Alex (Spike) Macrae Mario Maruzzo Bradley Milne John Mulvihil Kevin Ns Sharooz Nikouei Jeffrey Parker Jeremy Pigott Andrew Potts-Robinson Francis Powell Ostap Prokipchuk 30 file Cf,e "eorqtati "/ Christopher Rae Andrew Rains Geoffrey Renihan Christopher Roscoe Wade Sahni Tomasz Sidorowicz Paul Silny Jonathan Stethem Patrick Taylor Trevor Thompson Brian Tod Michael Usher-Jones Conor Waugh- Mackenzie *W1 Mark Wilkins '//i"i njiun The Graduates 1 ! Mom and Dad, thank you for your constant love and support. Leatch for their guidance in the junior school, and Mr. Next year's class looking for ideas for their own year- book quotes? I wish you all and myself the best of luck in the future. -Bergmo Matthew Beatty Peter Bellingham Jamie Bergstra 36 ""' Jceoryi V i Arden Church Well this is it. It's been seven years of tun and excitement and now it's over I have had many great times and I hope that there will be many more to come in the future I can't possibly write all the memories down (but I'm going to try).He then went to become a respected Air Traffic Controller in both Toronto and Vancouver.Argentina: Atp | Australia: PG | Austria:10 | Brazil: Livre | Canada: PG (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Ontario) | Canada: G (Quebec) | Denmark:11 | Finland: K-11 | France: Tous publics | Germany:12 | Hong Kong: IIA | Iceland:10 | Iceland: LH (video rating) | Italy: T | Malaysia: U | Netherlands: MG6 | New Zealand: PG | Norway:11 | Philippines: PG-13 | Portugal: M/12 | Russia:12 | Singapore: PG | South Africa: PG | South Korea:12 | Spain:7 | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:10 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:10 (canton of Vaud) | Switzerland:12 (canton of the Grisons) | UK: PG | USA: PG-13 (certificate #38095)Continuity: When agent Jay is trying to get off the tubes to save Laura the speaker says '30 seconds to launch' then in 10 seconds it says '15 seconds to launch' and then goes back to normal, meaning the 30 second countdown ends in 25 seconds.

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