Dating job corps

The Job Corps was created during the administration of President Lyndon B.Johnson in 1964 as part of Johnson’s War on Poverty and Great Society initiatives that sought to expand economic and social opportunities for Americans, especially minorities and the poor.For general information on the Job Corps program, please see the Official Job Corps Public Website.

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In spite of its altruistic mission, the Job Corps has long been a source of debate between liberals and conservatives over the program’s continuation and funding.Start your application here, and begin by taking the brief Eligibility Quiz!Job Corps was initiated as the central program of the Johnson Administration's War on Poverty, part of his domestic agenda known as the Great Society.Though the CCC was discontinued after World War II, Job Corps built on many of its methods and strategies.The first National Director of the Job Corps program was Dr. Stephen Uslan, who was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson and reported directly to Sargent Shriver.

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