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With the likes of Photokina, CES and CP trade shows now distant memories, you may think the photography rumor mill might be quietening down over the summer months, but things never stand still and it's time for an all-new camera rumors article.

Combining the latest industry gossip, emerging trends in the digital photography market and our own tech insights into what each of the major camera makers can do – and what they might do next.

In particular we shall examine the manuscripts appealed to by Thiede as palaeographically similar to P64.

After a discussion of the history of the study of this manuscript (section II, an area not covered by Thiede), we shall begin our analysis with the manuscript itself (including a plate) and a transcription which varies at a number of points from that of Thiede (section III).

Any manufacturer launching a premium / high-end compact without evf (these days) is missing the spot. Also, trimming the size back to IV or III territory would be nice.

Of course lacking an evf is doen't mean it's a bad camera. Maybe ditch the video and go back to the tradition of original film GRs, a pared down quality camera.

Our conclusion (section VII) will follow from these comparisons.

A further comment by way of introduction and orientation may be appropriate. For a recent plate and discussion (following new conservation work), see R.

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