Cam 2 cam country girls

“Hungover on Heartache” compares the end of a relationship to a hangover.Cam uses the verses to describe her feelings and pain; it’s not a bad song lyrically.It’s odd that her label decided to wait until mid-December to release an album, especially coming off a gold certified single like “Burning House.” There’s little buzz around a December release date.Cam became a household name once “Burning House” took off and her debut album, begins with the title track."There's a lot of work involved in being an artist, and I'm so happy to do it," she says.

That song piqued my interest in Cam’s debut album and I’ve been anxious to hear more of her music.However, Cam’s vocals seem to drown in the chorus a bit and trail as the lines finish. That boldness is evident in nearly every step she takes. And that rings true to the art, and the heart, of one of country's shining new acts.Cam makes it a habit to wear eye-catching yellow every time she goes out in public.

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